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We share Blaser Academy thoughts and visions "INSTRUCTION, SELF- CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS"


Train hard - hunt easy...

We offer individual and team courses for the passionate rifle hunter or shooter who wants more knowledge about ballistics, shooting, equipment and choice of (hunting) ammunition for practical hunting - shooting at distances up to 540 meters.

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Aim small - miss small...

These events has a focus on the experienced and enthusiastic rifle hunter or shooter who wants to push his knowledge of ballistics, shooting, equipment to the extreme - even beyond distances responsible for hunting (up to 3500 meters).


We use MIL compatible MINOX spotter optics and T1000 target indicators.

Doppler radar is used to measure speeds / verify BC.

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Please contact us for further information:

We prodly hosted the Lapua Precision Tour when they visited Denmark.

During this event Markus Buzanich hit our 1x1 meter target at 2100 m or 2296 yards with a Berger 144 grains Long Range Hybrid Target fired from his SRS Desert Tech rifle in caliber 6.5x47 Lapua.

Elevation was more than 40 MIL - read more about it here.

Congratulations from Blaser Academy Denmark - WELL DONE!

Best Regards,

Peder Mørch

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